Press Release Templates

Distributing Press Releases: Learn how to distribute a press release with this informative article.

Write it. The obvious first step. Write the thing, and make sure to include all your relevant contact information.

Proofread. Nothing will make your press release less desirable to a media outlet than a bunch of typos. So read it, then read it again, and make sure it's something you want to see quoted again and again. Have someone else read it as well, because we don't always catch our own mistakes.

Gather contacts. Get together a list of media contacts. This can be as simple as doing an internet search for contact persons at local (and national, if applicable) television stations, newspapers, internet sites, etc.

Determine your method. Figure out the best way to send out your release. Maybe call a few contacts and ask if they prefer email, fax, regular mail, etc. For your own sanity, you'll probably want to send the releases to all media personnel in the same manner, but if a major news outlet wants things done a specific way, feel free to cater to its needs. You could also use a press release service to distribute your release, which has the added bonus of getting your release into the search engines. This option ranges from free to quite costly.

Send the release. Send it out, and be ready to receive responses via whatever info you included (email, phone, etc.). Consider sending each press release individually, with a brief cover letter or email personalized to the journalist or outlet you've contacted.

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