Press Release Templates

Text of press release:

Contact Information:

{Contact person and his/her info}

{Company/Individual} Presents {Name and/or Description of Event}


{City, State} - {Company/Individual} will present {Name of Event}, taking place at {Location of Event} on {Date}, and featuring {performers, guests, showcases, etc.}.

{Company/Individual} is proud to bring {Name of Event} to {Location of Event} for{the first time, the tenth year in a row, etc.}. {Name of Event} will {further description on what will take place at event}.

{More details about event; include ticket prices, if applicable, and where/how to purchase tickets}.

{Quote from performer, guest, previous attendees, critics, etc.}

{Boilerplate about company/individual, event and/or any prominent performers and/or guests} .


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