Press Release Templates

Text of press release:

Contact Information:

{Gallery or Artist Name}
{Contact person and his/her info}

{Artist}'s Exhibition to Be Held at {Location}


{City, State, Date} - {Artist} is pleased to present {his/her} exhibition, titled {Name}, at {venue} at {location}. The press and public will be invited to view the artwork and meet the artist between {time} and {time} on {date}.

{Artist's statement on work, including purpose, description, influences and materials used to convey purpose}.

{Artist} is a {city/state}-based artist whose work has been featured in {venue/publication/etc.} Previous exhibitions of {his/her} work have appeared at {cities}.

For more information on the exhibition, contact {Name} at {contact information} or go to {Venue}'s website at {website}.


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