Press Release Templates

Text of press release:

Contact Information:

{Company Name}
{Contact person and his/her info}

{Company 1} Announces Joint Venture with {Company 2}


{City, State, Date} - {Company 1}, a leading organization in {field}, will embark on a joint venture with {Company 2} in order to provide {service/product} that is set to improve {aspect}.

{Company 1} will provide {aspect} for the new joint project, while {Company 2} will address the {aspect} issues that arise. {Company 1} has been well-known in the {field} industry for {quality}. {Company 2}, a well-established organization in {industry}, brings {qualities} to the joint venture.

{Quote from a Company 1 representative talking about how Company 2 will help contribute to the product/service and customers}.

{Boilerplate of Company 1, including their services, products, history, founders and goals}.


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