Press Release Templates

Text of press release:

Contact Information:

{Company Name}
{Contact person and his/her info}

{Company} to Launch {Magazine}


{City, State, Date} - {Company} announced today that the premiere issue of {Magazine} will be released on {date} and will have a distribution of {number} outlets, {number} zip codes and {number} states.

The magazine will focus on {topic} and feature {featured topics} from experts such as {Name}, {Name} and {Name}. The magazine will be released on a {amount of time} basis and will be targeted at {demographic including gender, age and location}.

{Quote by founder or editor about the release and its relevance to audiences}.

More information about the upcoming magazine can be found at their website, {website}.

{Boilerplate about Company, such as how long it's been in the area, what it has offered, services and goods, etc.}.


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