Press Release Templates

Press Release Example: This example shows all the important pieces that should be included in every press release.

Contact Information:

XYZ Corporation
Contact: Joe Schmo
123 Main St.
New York, NY
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

XYZ Corporation {Short Headline on What is Being Announced}


New York, NY - XYZ Corporation will {brief details on what will happen, such as a charity event, product launch, spokesperson change, etc.}.

This {event, product launch, announcement} will take place on {date} at {time and location}. There will be {performers, speeches, announcements, etc.} and {more details}.

{Further details, if possible and/or necessary} .

{Name of person involved in company or organization} said, "{quote from a representative speaking about this event and/or the organization}."

XYZ Corporation is {details about the company or organization releasing this news. Sometimes includes things about when company was founded, what its focus is and has been, what accomplishments it can claim, etc.}.


(end release with these pound signs)

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