Press Release Templates

Press Release Outline: See how to write a press release by the numbers with this template in outline form.

Press Release Outline

I. Contact info

a. include name, address, phone number, and other relevant info

II. Headline

a. All Words Capitalized Except for Prepositions, Articles, and Most Words Three Letters or Fewer

III. Date of release

IV. Location, Info City, state. Then body of first paragraph, where the most pressing information should be listed.

V. Rest of body Other body paragraphs, which should include further details on the event/news/item, and quotes from pertinent individuals. Could be two or three paragraphs, but keep them short. Always assume the reader's attention span is limited.

VI. Boilerplate Standard information about the company. Individual, and/or organization sending out this release. This should be something that can be plugged into all press releases from this company/individual/organization.

VII. ###

a. three pound signs, centered, indicate the release is over.

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