Press Release Templates

Text of press release:

Contact Information:

{Organization Name}
{Contact person and his/her info}

{Organization/Community} Rallies to {Reason}


{City, State, Date} - {Number} people from {Organization} and surrounding communities rallied at {location} on {date} in order to {promote/protest/save/etc.} {cause/issue/bill/etc.}

The rally was prompted by {instigating event}, which sparked a response in involved citizens who wanted their voices heard. The rally lasted from {time} until {time}, when members dispersed. Those assembled were largely {demographic} and were affected by the issue {economically/socially/medically/etc.}

{Quote by a rally member about why they assembled and what they were trying to accomplish}.

To get involved, please visit {website} to donate, sign the petition, and learn about upcoming events.

{Boilerplate about Organization, what its goals are, plus history and founders}.


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