Press Release Templates

Release Template: This template shows where all the important information goes in your press release.


Contact Information:

{Company name, if applicable}

{Contact person}



{Email and/or website}

{Headline Goes Here, Centered, All Words Capitalized Other Than Prepositions, Articles and Most Words of Three Letters or Fewer}


{City, State} - {You should be able to sum up the entire release in this paragraph, to keep the attention of someone only willing to read the beginning. Answer the "who, what, why, when, and where" of your story, and you've got this paragraph covered.}

{More details go here. Talk more about the event, give the specifics and, depending on the reason for the release, give quotes from pertinent individuals. This could be up two paragraphs, depending on the level of detail, but make sure to keep the paragraphs relatively short.}

{This section is known as the "boilerplate," and could be copied and pasted into any release you and/or your company send out. This is basic information about the company, organization, product or person addressed in the release.}


{The standard with press releases is to indicate their ending with three pound signs, centered, at the conclusion of the release}

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