Press Release Templates

Video Press Release: Learn how to prepare a video press release.

Though a written press release is still the standard, in this age of technology more and more people and/or companies are moving to the video press release to get out the information about products, news items, etc.

Essentially, a video press release is the easiest way for the media to literally see your information. Instead of only writing down all the details about your upcoming event, and sending out a dry, black-and-white copy of an exciting event or product, consider putting together a short video package that includes shots of the product or location, images of those attending, etc.

The video press release may (and probably should) include a "talking head," who will read the details of the text version of the press release as the images appear.

Most media outlets will not use your material on air, because of various FCC rules, unless they also interview you or a company representative in conjunction with the airing of the material. But the video press release is still a valuable tool, since it allows any viewer to see what is being offered by this product, at this event, etc., which may lead to a better chance of you and/or your company being contacted by media outlets.

Simply write a standard press release for email submission to media outlets, and include the video (or a link to it) in the emailed release.

In addition, it is suggested that you upload your video press release to the internet, tagged with appropriate keywords, so that anyone searching will come up on your video and immediately know what product, item, etc. you are releasing and/or selling.

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