Press Release Templates

Write a News Release: Step by step instructions on how to gather information and write your press release.

Steps to Writing A News Release

1. Cull the relevant information.

2. Make sure the information answers the following questions:

    a. What is the news item?

    b. Why is it happening, or why is it important?

    c. When is it taking place?

    d. Where is this event occurring?

    e. Who is being honored, or is attending?

3. Summarize the information into a short, informative headline.

4. Take the summary and a bit more of the pertinent detail, and make this your first paragraph.

5. Expand on all the detail in the next paragraph or two, maybe adding some quotes from important people.

6. Finish with a standard description for the company, organization, and/or individual involved.

7. Contact any relevant media outlets and find out the procedures for sending your press release to them.

8. Send off the release, making sure to follow the procedures precisely.

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