Press Release Templates

Writing a News Release: Learn why you would want to write a press release for your organization.

If your company or organization is planning a major move, an event, or any other newsworthy item, and you want to make sure the press hears about it and gets all the correct information, you need to write a press release.

Don't be nervous; writing a press release is an easy task for anyone who has a basic knowledge of the company or organization, and the newsworthy item, since a release is just a synopsis of what's going on that needs to be advertised to the press.

Get your details together, boil it down into a crisp and informative headline, and then write a few paragraphs that further explain the item. End the whole thing with a standard description of the organization or individual most important to the release.

All of these details help a newspaper reporter, blogger, television personality, etc., know exactly what to write about when it comes to your news item. You've just made the reporter's job a whole lot easier, and made it all the more likely that your item will be included in the next article, post, etc.

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